Threats to Blue Banded Bees

The Blue Banded Bee has many threats and predators. Depending on the area, cane toads, frogs, and birds all eat native bees.

The neon cuckoo bee is a natural predator of blue banded bees. The female cuckoo bee doesn’t build a nest, but rather lays her egg in a bbb nest hole. When it develops, the cuckoo bee larvae eats the food intended for the emerging blue banded bee, which subsequently starves.


Werribee River - Tarneit


Human intrusion, removal of vegetation and habitat clearing along river banks and other areas can be devastating on the local blue banded population. Rapid city expansion and housing developments can affect the local popualtions of Blue Banded Bees and other species as well.


Anyone know what bee species this little fellow is?



Domino Cuckoo Bee - Romsey, Vic.







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